Announcing RESOLVE's New Partnership with Nature for Justice

RESOLVE is pleased to announce a new partnership with the recently created NGO, Nature for Justice.

Nature for Justice bridges the gap between rural communities affected by climate change and investments in climate response. Nature for Justice mitigates the social impacts of climate change by helping communities adapt to the climate crisis, becoming more resilient through actions such as improved agricultural techniques, restoring ecosystem health, and managing local forests. 

The vast majority of the 570 million global farmers are subsistence farmers with limited to no ability to adapt to the climate crisis. By monetizing practices that small-scale farmers can adopt to improve ecosystem services and store carbon, whole landscapes occupied by these farmers will receive reliable income in the near term and build sustainable solutions for the future. 

Nature for Justice is building a network of in-country partners, such as Los Aliados in Ecuador and Nature Conservation Research Center in Ghana, and will provide technical skills, technologies, and resources, and share lessons. 

Key strategies include aggregating small-holders such as indigenous groups, coops, women’s initiatives, and religious assemblies.; and acting as a matchmaker between companies that stand to benefit through adapted practices (e.g., improved supply chains, carbon offset credits) and these communities.

Ultimately, Nature for Justice aims to transform impoverished areas into self-sustaining and thriving communities.

There is a strong fit with RESOLVE’s program with synergies across our partner networks.

We’re looking forward to this partnership with Hank Cauley and his colleagues. 


Stephen D’Esposito
September 14, 2020

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