Beta-testing our New Guidebook on Community Health and Shale Development

On Wednesday, August 6, I gave a webinar presentation introducing over 60 members of the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) to our draft Community Health and Shale Development Guidebook . County and city health officials are a key target audience, so this was a critical test drive.

With the growth of shale energy development (also known by part of the method used for extracting hydrocarbons from shale deposits – hydraulic fracturing or “fracking”) around the country, we identified a gap that RESOLVE could help fill. Communities are seeking information and guidance on health-related issues, yet it can be difficult to get your hands on independent, reliable information that addresses the range of issues communities might encounter. The guidebook offers a basic factual explanation of the potential health issues, some options for responding to challenges, case studies of solutions that have worked, and a set of in-depth additional resources from a variety of perspectives.

We are currently “beta-testing” the draft guidebook. NACCHO members are reviewing the draft and giving us feedback. To find out more about the guidebook, you can view the webinar recording here.

We’re planning to release version 1 of the guidebook later this fall, so stay tuned. To sign up to receive a link to the guidebook when it is released, send me an email at
- Dana Goodson, Mediator

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