Developing a Financing System to Support Public Health Infrastructure

In August, the American Journal of Public Health published “Developing a Financing System to Support Public Health Infrastructure,” which calls for a Public Health Infrastructure Fund that would provide $4.5 billion of new, permanent resources to support the nation’s public health system.


“All people in the United States deserve the same level of public health protection, making it crucial that every health department across the country has a core set of foundational capabilities. Current research indicates an annual cost of $32 per person to support the foundational public health capabilities needed to promote and protect health for everyone across the nation. Yet national investment in public health capabilities is currently about $19 per person, leaving a $13-per-person gap in annual spending.


To “create the conditions in which people can be as healthy as possible” and to protect national security, this gap must be filled. […] the authors recommend a Public Health Infrastructure Fund for state, territorial, local, and tribal governmental public health, that would provide $4.5 billion of new, permanent resources needed to fully support core public health foundational capabilities.”


The recommendation draws on expert input from RESOLVE’s Public Health Leadership Forum, which in the development of this proposal defined core principles and criteria necessary to establish a sustainable financing structure for public health. This publication continues momentum for the Public Health Infrastructure Fund, building on a Bipartisan Policy Center event held last December and accompanying Roll Call op-ed.



Cover Image via Luis Quintero

Mason Hines and Abby Dilley
September 18, 2019

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