Did you know that RESOLVE can help with…

1. Strategic Assessment and Planning
If you need a new strategic plan or want to assess opportunities to find new pathways and new partners.

2. Facilitation and Meeting Training (Including Integrating Technology)
We’ve all participated in poorly planned and executed meetings that cost both time and money. RESOLVE trains staff (and/or stakeholders) to improve their meeting planning and facilitation skills. We emphasize pre-meeting planning, in-the-room skills, and post meeting follow-through. We offer basic, advanced, and expert training.

3. The Use of Science in Decision Making
Science and technical information is often politicized when there is a dispute or uncertainty at a site or policy level. RESOLVE has deep experience with processes that use science to build trust and support effective decision making. We can train your staff or provide direct support to design and/or implement an engagement process that utilizes science.

4. Leadership Coaching & Change/Transition Management
Support for new leaders, and during periods of change, is essential to success.

5. Leading, Supporting (or Fixing) Coalitions
RESOLVE can manage/facilitate coalitions, provide member training, or help put a coalition back on track.

6. Negotiation Support and Training
We can help you plan to win and train you or provide support during negotiations.

7. Collaborative Technology—The best tools and training to integrate them seamlessly into meetings.

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