Energy Shift: Proactive Collaboration for the Future of Energy

The shift to a low-carbon economy is urgent and the need for innovation across sectors is necessary in order to meet this daunting challenge. Energy Shift is a new initiative of the RESOLVE Solutions Network, developed in cooperation with the Pembina institute, and Hoggard Films that aims to set the table for fruitful discourse between parties that are unaccustomed to listening to one another. The project’s inspiration is a correspondence between John Hofmeister, former CEO of Shell NA, and project co-lead Amy Larkin, former Director of Greenpeace Solutions, in which the two acknowledged how much they had to learn from each other and eagerly sought one another’s insights.

By convening discordant parties from across the spectrum of viewpoints and expertise, Energy Shift seeks to identify leverage points where unusual allies can build and test solutions–significant but actionable projects (such as accelerated depreciation for green infrastructure) that support a transition, build momentum, and build confidence that progress is possible.
- Meg Perry

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