Innovation and Leadership

It takes innovation and leadership to re-incentivize a supply chain to eliminate the potential for conflict minerals. It also takes perseverance and trial and error—and the hard work of design, and testing, and re-design. The CFS Early-Adopters Fund, a brain child of Intel, proves the case.

It complements the work already done to design a protocol and assurance system for conflict-free smelters and refiners. And both HP and the GE Foundation know a good idea when they see it—and should be commended for putting creativity and resources into the final design. What’s next? What other fixes, programs, and tools will be needed to reach the joint goals of 1) conflict-free supply chains for tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold, and 2) support to in region sourcing so local miners in DRC can participate? Watch this space for news and a bit of editorializing. But for now kudos to these companies and the stakeholders, such as the Enough Project, who have expressed support and are poised to continue to innovate and lead—and test and persevere.
- Steve D’Esposito

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