Donate and RESOLVE Join Forces to Address the PPE Shortage

We’re rallying makers, manufacturers, and markets to respond to the COVID19 crisis, help us!

We need to leverage the creativity, power, and commitment of makers to address the critical shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for our frontline healthcare workers. is a grassroots network of volunteer makers and micro-manufacturers that are working around-the-clock to create PPE for frontline healthcare workers. Their impact is already significant. Cisco, RESOLVE and others teamed-up to address material shortages and supply chain issues. Coca-Cola Beverages Northeast, UltrePet, and EasyPak, donated over 6000 pounds of clear PET sheeting and transported it to makers, who are using it to create thousands of face shields. 

As leaders in health care recognize maker networks’ ability to fill critical supply shortages, makers have been flooded with requests. Their willingness is abundant, but the demand has overwhelmed these volunteer groups’ resource and logistical capacity. They can do more but need materials to make the products, funds for shipping and core costs, and resources and expertise to support scaling in response to the level of this crisis. 

RESOLVE is now the home for We’ve joined forces to rally resources to the effort, support partnerships, and open up supply chains. Together we will scale production and delivery of much-needed supplies to help keep healthcare workers safe. 

Thanks to those of you who are already helping. These maker networks need immediate support now, and they need it quickly and efficiently. 

With your support, we will leverage the capacity of large-scale supply chains to amplify the efforts of maker communities. Makers need resources to create significant amounts of PPE at scale for distribution to hospitals and health systems in need. We are employing a number of unique strategies; for example, a "Buy One, Give One" model, PPE purchases will support PPE donations for the under-resourced hospitals hardest hit by this crisis.

This builds on our announcement last week of our partnership with Open Source Medical Supplies, a repository of medically reviewed open source plans for medical supplies to enable resilient local response to pandemics. and Open Source Medical Supplies are complementary projects. Together we can multiply and scale our impact.   

Welcome to Sarah Thompson, Bill Schongar, Adam Istvan, and the rest of the team. To learn more about this initiative, please visit the project site

Stay tuned for more information from us in the coming days and weeks as we work together to respond to this crisis, and bolster this work with other related COVID-19 response efforts.

Please reach out to Stephen to donate or provide materials, or to align your response work to maximize impact. You can also donate directly to the project below (select from the dropdown menu). 


Stephen D'Esposito
April 6, 2020

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