RESOLVE Partners with Open Source Medical Supplies to Respond to COVID-19

We’re partnering with Open Source Medical Supplies to help accelerate the response to the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 health crisis threatens to leave the entire world short of the medical supplies needed to properly assess and treat the disease. We’re facing fractured supply chains, material constraints, and the need to efficiently apply expertise to accelerate production. In response, volunteers around the world have jumped in to help – medical professionals, maker groups, logistics experts, and many others. At RESOLVE, we’ve been working with many of you to help find material, support volunteer makers and medical experts, and unblock supply chains.

We clearly need to accelerate action and build capacity, each doing our part. With that in mind, RESOLVE has made COVID-19 response a priority.

As a first step, we’re announcing a new partnership with Open Source Medical Supplies.

Open Source Medical Supplies was formed almost overnight to research, medically review, and disseminate open source plans for medical supplies used to treat COVID-19 that can be fabricated locally. OSMS supports, mentors, and guides local communities as they self-organize hospital systems, essential services, professional fabricators, makerspaces, and local governments into resilient, self-supporting supply units. 

OSMS is a heroic, currently-volunteer effort of over 450 dedicated professionals to rally and support a global movement. In its first two weeks of operation, OSMS helped organize 62,000 people all over the world in its Facebook group, supplied plans that volunteers turned into 280,000 medical supply items all over the world, produced an Open Source Medical Supply Guide for COVID-19, and released a Local Response Guide that helped local organizers form 95 local chapters globally.

Through our partnership we’re working to secure the resources necessary to professionalize, harness, and strengthen these efforts to achieve a world-changing outcome.  

Thanks to the support of Schmidt Futures, Toyota Research Institute, and private donors, OSMS is now poised to help lead a global, distributed manufacturing response to COVID-19 by collaborating with hospitals, non-profit institutions, governments, professional fabricators and makerspaces all over the world to help direct local fabrication response. 

Welcome to Gui Cavalcanti, Molly Rubenstein, and the rest of the team. Please visit the project site for more details. 

And stay tuned for future announcements as we work to support maker groups and catalyze community support to local businesses.

Stephen D'Esposito
April 1, 2020

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