RESOLVE and Project Northern Lights Partner

RESOLVE, through its RESOLVE Canada office, and Project Northern Lights are pleased to announce a new partnership to join forces to expand networks and scale impact in Canada and globally.

Founded to respond to the COVID-19 crisis, Project Northern Lights connects local makers to resources and assists with the safe delivery of medical supplies to vulnerable, marginalized, and remote communities that need them most.

As the COVID-19 crisis impacts our communities and the world around us, Project Northern Lights formed rapidly, identified the needs in communities, and advanced innovative responses. A volunteer-driven organization, Project Northern Lights is seeking catalytic resources to deliver PPE where it’s needed most, including material inputs for PPE, distribution, shipping and delivery.

Through this new partnership, RESOLVE Canada will work with Project Northern Lights on project delivery to the communities in Canada most severely impacted by COVID-19.

This new partnership is part of RESOLVE’s COVID-19 response initiative. It complements Open Source Medical Supplies, Makers Respond, Mimosi Connect and Truvi. We continue to focus on ways to mobilize our networks and rapidly develop, test, deploy, and scale creative solutions to tackle urgent problems during the COVID-19 crisis. In addition to the near term needs associated with COVID-19 response, with these partnerships we are building the long term capacity of communities, the private sector, civil society, institutions, and governments to prepare for and respond to public health, environmental, and economic emergencies.

Stephen D’Esposito
President of RESOLVE

Tim Martin
President of RESOLVE Canada

August 17, 2020

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