RESOLVE featured in Intel’s In Pursuit of Conflict-Free Campaign

RESOLVE has been working with Intel and others over the last 5 years to achieve ethical, conflict free supply chains for minerals. RESOLVE is a featured organization in Intel’s In Pursuit of Conflict-Free campaign. Developed by Intel as part of that campaign, this short digital animation tells the story of the minerals we use in daily life and why Intel and RESOLVE are so actively working to promote awareness and find solutions to support conflict free sourcing.

Check it out:
Since 2008, RESOLVE has worked with a range of stakeholders from business, government, and civil society to enable responsible sourcing from conflict-affected regions. RESOLVE coordinates and facilitates the Public-Private Alliance for Responsible Minerals Trade, which supports supply chain solutions to conflict minerals challenges in the Great Lakes Region (GLR) of Central Africa. RESOLVE is also the home for the Solutions for Hope project, which supports supply chain innovation and capacity building projects Central Africa, Colombia, and elsewhere in pursuit of conflict-free. To get involved, visit to make a donation to RESOLVE in support of the Solutions for Hope platform.

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