RESOLVE’s MakersRespond Delivers 115,000 Face Shields to Healthcare Workers in Maryland and Michigan

MakersRespond Face Shields Reach the Frontlines in Maryland and Michigan


This week, MakersRespond, in partnership with Coca-Cola North America, Boyd Corporation, K&W Finishing, and state agencies, donated 115,000 face shields to the State of Maryland and State of Michigan, which were distributed to frontline healthcare workers.

This response effort was enabled by MakersRespond’s rapid supply-chain reconstruction model, which routes raw material donations to makers and manufactures equipped, or in some cases retrofitted, to produce personal protective equipment (PPE). In Maryland’s case, MakersRespond helped direct thousands of pounds of PET plastic from Coca-Cola to Baltimore’s K&W Finishing, and supported K&W Finishing in pivoting its printing operations to PPE production, quickly bringing 50,000 face shields to the state. MakersRespond helped form a similar production chain between Coca-Cola and Boyd Corporation in Grand Rapids, resulting in 65,000 face shields for healthcare workers in Michigan. These rapid response efforts build on MakerRespond’s previous success connecting Coca-Cola’s materials and shipping lines to PPE makers in Georgia and North Carolina.

This partnership exemplifies the kind of innovative thinking that is most needed right now to ensure our frontline healthcare workers have necessary protective equipment to care for patients. I want to thank Coca-Cola, MakersRespond and K&W Finishing for working together to help us save lives and flatten the curve.

Maryland Commerce Secretary Kelly M. Schulz

The delivery of face shields in Maryland and Michigan are only the latest of several partnerships MakersRespond is brokering between donor companies, local manufacturers, and frontline workers to support states’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Similar donations of PPE have been made to New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, and will be delivered to Governors Offices in Illinois and Massachusetts in the coming days.

WATCH: Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer acknowledges MakersRespond, Coca-Cola, and Boyd Corporation in update on state’s COVID-19 response. (Minute 7:20)


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Mason Hines
May 15, 2020



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