RFP for Web-Based Toolkit on Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Proposals due to RESOLVE by July 26

RESOLVE is seeking graphic and web design support to design a web-based “toolkit” to support human rights of indigenous peoples and a broader website featuring the work of the FPIC Solutions Dialogue.

Community acceptance is a prerequisite to many natural resource development projects. Free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) - an internationally recognized right pertaining to indigenous peoples - is enshrined in procedural norms, standards and frameworks such as the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), in regional and national legal frameworks, and in policies of financial institutions (e.g., IFC) and an increasing number of corporations.

With these normative and operational developments on community acceptance and FPIC, there is growing interest from leading companies and civil society organizations to share practices and learn from concrete situations and from projects and programs that build community support at sites. To meet this need, RESOLVE founded the FPIC Solutions Dialogue in 2012. The Dialogue’s membership represents some of the most advanced corporate leadership on issues surrounding FPIC implementation. Member meetings and webinars feature rich discussions that have directly influenced member practices and policy. We are translating insights from these discussions into a web-based “FPIC Toolkit” to contribute to broader learning and improved practices by additional companies, and to serve as a resource for communities. The toolkit will synthesize perspectives from NGOs, companies, and communities to offer pragmatic and practical guidance on how to implement best practices within complex political, social, and corporate environments.


About the RFP

Please see the Request For Proposals (RFP) for additional details, and please share it with any colleagues you think may be interested. We are asking applicants to register here by Monday, July 22, to indicate intent to submit, and to receive all notifications relating to this opportunity (including any Q&A). Proposals are due no later than 5 PM EDT on Friday, July 26.

Please contact RESOLVE with any questions about this opportunity, following the guidelines for questions detailed in section 6.0 of the RFP.


Cover photo by Harry Thaker

Margaret Lee
July 2, 2019

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