Remembering Robert Craig

Robert W. Craig was a visionary who helped create and lead the field of environment conflict resolution and solutions development and implementation. He was also a mountaineering legend. Bob passed on January 16, 2015, in Denver, Colorado. He was 90.

In 1953, he joined seven other Americans to form the Third American Karakoram Expedition for the first American attempt to summit K2, an effort which left four climbers injured and one dead. Craig, along with teammate Charlie Houston, detailed the account in their 1954 book, K2, The Savage Mountain.

In the 70s, Bob decided to climb another mountain—solving environmental and natural resource conflicts. In 1975, Bob founded The Keystone Center, in Colorado, a collaborative problem-solving organization that tackles state and national environmental regulatory issues. He also founded the Keystone Science School, which is committed to the development of the next generation of environmental leaders. Bob led the Center as President and CEO until 1996, at which time he became President Emeritus.

I met Bob a number of years ago. While I did not have an opportunity to work with him directly, RESOLVE and other organizations like us, as well as the professionals who are dedicated this field, owe him a debt. Without his vision and perseverance, the space for organizations like RESOLVE would not exist today and our collective successes would not have been achieved. All of us, whether we sit in conservation organizations, government, corporations, civil society organizations, or other institutions, owe Bob a debt of gratitude and a tip of the cap to a remarkable life and legacy. Thanks, Bob.

RESOLVE is making a donation to the American Alpine Club in his name. Please join us.
- Steve D’Esposito, RESOLVE President

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