Salmon Gold™ Enters Supply Chains of Tiffany & Co. and Apple

Miners, Manufactures, Retailers, and Conservationists Partner in RESOLVE Initiative on Responsible Gold Sourcing and Fish Habitat Restoration in Alaska and Canada

RESOLVE’s Salmon Gold initiative is an innovative approach to sourcing gold responsibly and restoring fish habitats in Alaska, the Yukon Territory, and British Columbia. Gold from the project is now in the supply chains of Tiffany & Co. and Apple!

Salmon Gold is a voluntary partnership to re-mine historical placer gold mine sites and restore fish habitat using sustainable techniques in regions with globally significant habitat for salmon and other anadromous fish species. We are working with miners, communities, conservationists, agencies, restoration experts, and manufacturers to produce gold that tells a positive story in the marketplace and demonstrates the value of restoration.


Read RESOLVE’s full press release here


The initial phase of Salmon Gold focused on re-mining and restoring a part of Jack Wade Creek, a tributary of the Fortymile River in Alaska. RESOLVE worked with a local placer miner and government agencies to test restoration methods, process recovered gold, and establish a chain-of-custody for the first batch of Salmon Gold from the mine to manufacturers. 


Read Apple’s feature story on Salmon Gold here


By producing gold that supports restoration, Salmon Gold meets the needs of manufacturing and retail companies seeking responsibly sourced minerals for their products. After the pilot phase, RESOLVE will work with partners to expand Salmon Gold’s impact and turn it into a self-sustaining social enterprise that achieves restoration and revitalization of fish habitat at scale.


Salmon Gold is a restoration start-up. The idea of local placer miners working with restoration experts to provide gold to jewelry and technology companies while also restoring habitats for salmon and grayling is unique—each of our partners brings a piece of the solution to Salmon Gold.

Stephen D'Esposito, President of RESOLVE

Cover Image via Dave Baker / RESOLVE

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