Sharing RESOLVE’s 2018 Annual Report


We’re pleased to share RESOLVE’s 2018 Annual Report.


Read RESOLVE’s 2018 Annual Report 


During 2018, our 40th Anniversary year, we strengthened our relationships with long-standing partners in agencies, industry, and civil society. And we worked hard to build relationships with new partners – tech companies, inventors, impact investors, climate modelers, and others. In an era of increasingly polarized politics and community schisms, we’re building unlikely partnerships, pushing frontiers in our current programs, and launching new programs. We’re opening new policy spaces in the radical middle so we can help provide access to healthcare for all, address our climate challenge, steward our land and water resources, and protect biodiversity.

As politics turns inward, we’re looking outward. We’re working on the future of food with stakeholders across global supply chains, economic resilience and rebirth in Sierra Leone, restoration of the Missouri River watershed, new technologies and strategies to stop poaching and address conflicts between humans and wildlife, stream restoration to support habitat for salmon and other anadromous species in Alaska and the Yukon, and helping communities determine how to allocate scarce medical resources during a crisis.

We are looking forward to what’s next. We welcome any ideas you have for partnering with RESOLVE in 2019 and beyond.



Stephen D'Esposito, President and CEO, RESOLVE

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