Strategic Partner Carly Vynne Gives Keynote at Google HQ

Our ‘small but mighty’ team in the Biodiversity and Wildlife Solutions Program at RESOLVE has made a mark, in part, by helping to offer grand solutions to solving some of the most challenging issues of our time. From assessing feasibility of doubling the wild populations of tigers (2016), to advocating for an ecoregion-based approach to protecting half the terrestrial realm (2017), to proposing a Global Deal for Nature (2019) to solve the climate and biodiversity crises, our team has leveraged small grants to help deliver on big ideas. Much of this work has been enabled by the freely available imagery, data, and computing power made possible by Google’s Earth Engine. Without the power of Earth Engine provided to scientists by Google, we simply couldn’t have asked such big questions. Analyses that would have once taken 400+ days in compute time on our own machines can be done in hours to days across Google’s distributed array.

Strategic Partner Carly Vynne speaks about how freely available computing power and imagery from Google Earth Engine enabled BWS Program analyses that led to publication of the Ecoregions paper, the Global Deal for nature, and more.
Photo credit: Chad Jennings

Earlier this month Strategic Partner Carly Vynne presented a keynote presentation at the annual Geo for Good conference at Google’s headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA. Her talk to 350 scientists and advocates from around the world highlighted RESOLVE’s work on defining ecoregions, protecting half, a Global Deal for Nature, and conservation planning. A video of her talk is available on YouTube. Carly will get to represent RESOLVE and the Global Deal for Nature again next month at Bioneers, where she’ll speak at a workshop on Large-Scale Landscape Conservation as well as participate on a panel of Women Scientists on the Frontlines of the Fight to Preserve our Planet’s Biodiversity.


Carly Vynne
October 9, 2019

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