Launching the Sustainability Standards Partnership

RESOLVE has launched the Sustainability Standards Partnership (SSP) to help identify, improve and promote the most credible and effective voluntary sustainability standards and disclosure tools in the marketplace. The SSP is a forum where best-in-class standards organizations; forward-thinking business and institutional end-users; and credible experts from NGOs and academia work together to identify and protect the value of voluntary, market-based sustainability standards and disclosure tools.

“We see an urgent need for stakeholders across government, civil society and business who contributed extensively to the development of sustainability standards, to now confront growing complexity, costly inefficiencies for corporate and institutional end-users, and market confusion,” said Tim Warman, the partnership’s director. “In this pilot phase, we will develop a decision model to help differentiate and support uptake of high-bar standards and disclosure tools.”
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For previous RESOLVE work on this issue, see the multi-stakeholder 2012 report Toward Sustainability: The Roles and Limitations of Certification.
- Dana Goodson, Senior Facilitator

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