U.S. Non-Profits Call for COVID-19 Stimulus Support

RESOLVE supports request for $60 billion infusion of support to help the most vulnerable

Non-profit organizations provide critical services (food, shelter, medical services), participate in emergency response, undertake critical scientific and policy research, enrich our cultural life, and innovate on policy and solutions to make the world a better place. We are 10% of U.S. GDP and employ 12 million workers, with payrolls exceeding those of most other U.S. industries, including construction, transportation, and finance. These organizations face financial and operational challenges at a time when the work that many do is essential. At RESOLVE, we support policy reforms and stimulus for key sectors, including non-profits. We are a proud, early signatories of this letter that calls for stimulus and outlines essential policy actions that lawmakers can take to supplement those already being discussed. It was developed by the National Council of Nonprofits in the U.S.


Read the Letter Here 


This is something we can all rally behind—business, philanthropy, non-profits, and communities. We are ready to support similar efforts for other sectors. For those in our network outside the U.S., we can help initiate similar efforts in other countries. 


We’ll get through this together.


Stephen D’Esposito
March 19, 2020

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