Welcome to RESOLVE’s New Virtual Home

We’re pleased to introduce RESOLVE’s new website:! Our new virtual home signals our renewed resolve to be open and curious, challenge ourselves and others, think creatively and independently, and create lasting solutions. 

In an era of polarization – when our environmental, climate, social, and health challenges transcend traditional policy interventions – creative, solutions-focused NGOs like RESOLVE support and promote local, national, and global cooperation, working with businesses, civil society institutions, and government partners to address these challenges. 

We have been strengthening our team in recent years, adding expertise while doubling down on our core belief that multi-stakeholder collaboration is a game-changer for producing meaningful, sustainable solutions.

Our mediators and facilitators reach across divides, create unlikely partnerships, and bolster collaborative leaders. 

Our experts and strategists design and implement programs that anticipate and solve problems; they actively work with stakeholders to innovate and find solutions. 

With our new social enterprise platform, impact@RESOLVE, we create and support businesses that contribute to social good and back entrepreneurial ideas. We tap our networks for the experts, partners, in-kind support, donors, and investors needed to create a lasting impact.

Our new website builds on our legacy as an NGO that can help our partners navigate the world’s most pressing social, environmental, and health challenges. If you’re not already a RESOLVE partner, please get to know us!


Stephen D'Esposito
March 2019

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