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The “Global Safety Net” in the News

Notable media coverage of the RESOLVE-led research effort: A ‘Global Safety Net’ to reverse biodiversity loss and stabilize the Earth’s climate.

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RESOLVE Announces New Governance Appointments

We’re pleased to announce new governance appointments to our Board of Trustees, Board of Advisors, and Leadership Council.

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Join Us! Support Project Tembo and Learn about the Book Moral Hazards

RESOLVE’s Director of Resource Diplomacy, Tim Martin, is pairing up with CBC’s political correspondent Hannah Thibedeau for a discussion of several issues in his book Moral Hazards. The April 20 event will benefit Project Tembo.

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Faith & Vaccines Launched to Support COVID-19 Vaccination Access and Uptake

Faith & Vaccines works with faith-based organizations to improve vaccine access and uptake among underserved communities.

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RESOLVE’s COVID-19 Preparedness, Response, & Resiliency Efforts in the News

To address the needs created by the global coronavirus pandemic, RESOLVE supports a range of efforts, including creating and distributing personal protective equipment (PPE) to those who need it and supporting equitable access to COVID-19 vaccinations.

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New CommuniVax Action Plan for Equity in COVID-19 Vaccination and Recovery

The CommuniVax Coalition's new action plan provides elected and appointed officials with the tools to create, implement, and support a vaccination campaign that works with Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities to remedy COVID-19 impacts, prevent even more health burdens, lay the foundation for unbiased healthcare delivery, and enable broader social change and durable community-level opportunities.

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RESOLVE Expands Efforts to Get PPE to Communities in Need

Building on the success of our Gear Up to VoteSafe initiative, we are working on forward-leaning strategies to promote equity in the PPE marketplace by putting PPE into the hands of essential workers and communities who need it but are struggling to access it.

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A Story of Restoration and Reconciliation

DDI’s Land Reclamation Project launched in 2019 with support from the Anglo American Foundation. We target the negative legacy of environmental and health impacts from artisanal diamond mining. DDI designed this community-led partnership with local leaders and government.

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RESOLVE Joins New Coalition to Increase Community Involvement in COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign

RESOLVE has joined CommuniVax, a new research coalition dedicated to strengthening local and national COVID-19 vaccination efforts in the U.S.

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Gear Up to VoteSafe Voter Safety Guide Now Available!

As part of our new Gear Up to VoteSafe initiative, Open Source Medical Supplies has just released a collection of best practices, extracted from multiple guiding agencies, to create a series of interactive and informative safety guides for poll managers, poll workers, and voters.

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