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A Successful National COVID-19 Vaccine Program Requires Collaborating Now to Build Public Trust

We must consider a number of issues associated with vaccine administration now – before a vaccine is ready for distribution – if we hope to see widespread participation in a national vaccine program.

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WildEyes™ AI offers an alternative solution to Switzerland’s wolf debate

WildEyes AI, a new technology developed by RESOLVE, can detect approaching predators and help prevent attacks on livestock before they occur, offering a new solution to improve human-wildlife coexistence.

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WildEyes™ AI: Helping to Protect Wild Rhinos from Poachers and Track Species Recovery

On World Rhino Day 2020, RESOLVE and CVEDIA announce a novel solution to protect the world’s endangered rhinoceros species from extinction in the wild and to better monitor their recovery efforts.

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Announcing RESOLVE's New Partnership with Nature for Justice

Nature for Justice addresses the social impacts of climate change by helping communities become more resilient through actions such as improved agricultural techniques, restoring ecosystem health, and managing local forests.

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The Global Safety Net: Scientists Release ‘Blueprint’ to Save Critical Ecosystems and Stabilize the Earth’s Climate

RESOLVE scientists lead a research effort showing how natural lands can be protected and linked together to support a global recovery that benefits both biodiversity and human welfare.

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RESOLVE and Project Northern Lights Partner

A new partnership between RESOLVE and Project Northern Lights supports COVID-19 response in Canada to connect local makers and assist with the safe delivery of medical supplies to the communities who need them most.

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WildEyes™ AI: Helping to Save Wild Elephants and Prevent Human-Elephant Conflict

On World Elephant Day 2020, RESOLVE and CVEDIA announce a novel solution to reduce harm to wild elephants and the humans who live near them. RESOLVE’s new WildEyes AI camera system uses AI to detect elephants and transmit alerts in near-real time to designated personnel.

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RESOLVE Supports The Wildlife Ranger Challenge

Wildlife Ranger teams are now uniting around the Wildlife Ranger Challenge, running a race with one goal: to raise money to support thousands of rangers and protect iconic African wildlife such as elephants, pangolins, rhinos, and lions.

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RESOLVE and Diamond Development Initiative Join Forces

Diamond Development Initiative – launched in response to conflict diamonds – is now part of RESOLVE, strengthening our capacity to support responsible sourcing of diamonds and other minerals from communities, companies, and consumers.

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New Guide on Home Management of COVID-19

Open Source Medical Supplies recently designed and launched a new guide: Home Care for COVID-19.

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