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Salmon Gold™ Enters Supply Chains of Tiffany & Co. and Apple

In Salmon Gold's initial phase, RESOLVE worked with an Alaskan placer miner and government agencies to test stream restoration methods, process recovered gold, and establish a chain-of-custody for the first batch of Salmon Gold from the mine to manufacturers, which is now in the supply chains of Tiffany & Co. and Apple.

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Sharing RESOLVE’s 2018 Annual Report

We’re pleased to share RESOLVE’s 2018 Annual Report.

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RFP for Web-Based Toolkit on Rights of Indigenous Peoples

RESOLVE is seeking graphic and web design support to design a web-based “toolkit” to support human rights of indigenous peoples and a broader website featuring the work of the FPIC Solutions Dialogue.

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Job Announcement: Biodiversity and Wildlife Intern

RESOLVE is seeking an intern for its Biodiversity and Wildlife Solutions team.

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Job Announcement: Sustainable Resources Program Associate

RESOLVE is seeking a Program Associate for our Sustainable Resources Program.

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A Global Deal for Nature: A Roadmap for Saving Life on Earth

Scientists from RESOLVE’s Biodiversity and Wildlife program co-authored “A Global Deal for Nature: Guiding Principles, Milestones, and Targets”, a paper published in Science Advances.

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TrailGuard AI in the News

TrailGuard™ AI, the latest version of RESOLVE’s anti-poaching system uses Intel-powered artificial intelligence (AI) technology to detect poachers before they can kill wildlife.

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Welcome to RESOLVE’s New Virtual Home

We’re pleased to introduce RESOLVE’s new website:! Our new virtual home signals our renewed resolve to be open and curious, challenge ourselves and others, think creatively and independently, and create lasting solutions.

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Sustainability Doesn’t Stand Still

On behalf of RESOLVE and as a member of the Lithium Working Group of the Global Battery Alliance, I attended the conference “Mining in Latin America and the Caribbean: Interdependencies, challenges and opportunities for sustainable development," sponsored by ECLAC and the German Government that took place on November 19 in Lima, Peru. This is what I heard.

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CRAFT: Responsible Artisanal Mining

The Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) and RESOLVE have released a code to facilitate increased responsible sourcing from artisanal miners, while contributing to improved social and environmental performance of artisanal and small scale mining sector.

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