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TrailGuard AI featured in ‘The Age of AI’

RESOLVE’s TrailGuard AI anti-poaching system was featured on “The Age of AI”, a new YouTube TV series hosted by Robert Downey Jr.

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Project Closure and Communities: Challenges, Impacts, Considerations

RESOLVE hosted the FPIC Solutions Dialogue, with a presentation from the University of Queensland, to explore the social elements of closing extractives projects and considerations for FPIC implementation.

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Carbon Dioxide Removal: Exploring a Rapidly Evolving Issue

As the urgency to address climate change grows, advocacy groups will be asked to weigh in on what actions they support to reduce greenhouse gas concentrations. A meeting in Nairobi provided an opportunity for civil society organizations to explore their positions on carbon dioxide removal.

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Salmon Gold Partner Wins Sustainable Development Award

Salmon Gold’s first partner, Dean Race and his son Chris, were just awarded a Sustainable Development Award from the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for their placer re-mining operation and world class reclamation at Jack Wade Creek in the Fortymile region of Alaska.

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Mahlette Betre Reflects on Salmon Gold

Mahlette Betre reflects on her time at Salmon Gold and the possibilities as the program scales up. She discusses her new role as a board member of impact@RESOLVE and how she will continue to support Salmon Gold from this role.

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Strategic Partner Carly Vynne Gives Keynote at Google HQ

Strategic Partner Carly Vynne shared Biodiversity and Wildlife Solutions Program's success stories with 350 scientists and advocates from around the world at Google's Geo for Good conference, highlighting RESOLVE’s work on defining ecoregions, protecting half, a Global Deal for Nature, and conservation planning.

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RESOLVE and Inmarsat Join Forces to Use Technology to Protect African Wildlife

In July, Inmarsat officially announced their partnership with RESOLVE to develop a revolutionary, satellite-enabled solution to safeguard endangered wildlife across the African continent.

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MRRIC Provides Guidance to USACE and USFWS on River Recovery

MRRIC approved over 50 consensus recommendations focused on improving the science-intensive management actions of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, including habitat creation, learning from river flows, and monitoring plans for the threatened and endangered species on the Missouri River.

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Developing a Financing System to Support Public Health Infrastructure

In August, the American Journal of Public Health published “Developing a Financing System to Support Public Health Infrastructure.” The piece calls for a Public Health Infrastructure Fund that would provide $4.5 billion of new, permanent resources to fully support core public health capabilities, a recommendation informed by RESOLVE’s Public Health Leadership Forum.

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Job Announcement: Finance and Operations Coordinator

RESOLVE is seeking a Finance and Operations Coordinator.

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