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We’re rallying makers, manufacturers, and markets to respond to the COVID19 crisis, help us!

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RESOLVE Partners with Open Source Medical Supplies to Respond to COVID-19

We’re partnering with Open Source Medical Supplies to help accelerate the response to the COVID-19 Crisis.

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Community Perspectives on Allocating Scarce Medical Resources

Building on her work facilitating community meetings about allocating scarce medical resources during a public health crisis, Senior Mediator Beth Weaver offers reflections for the COVID-19 pandemic.

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U.S. Non-Profits Call for COVID-19 Stimulus Support

We are a proud, early signatories of this letter that calls for stimulus and outlines essential policy actions that lawmakers can take to supplement those already being discussed.

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Bipartisan Leaders Call for $4.5B for Public Health Infrastructure

The COVID-19 crisis has drawn national attention to our long-ignored underinvestment in public health infrastructure.

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COVID-19 Underscores Our Need to Invest in Readiness for Health Threats

Crises like the COVID-19 pandemic underscore the critical need for everyone in the country to be served by a fully capable, fully funded public health department.

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Community Preparedness and Resilience for Public Health Emergencies

We offer insights from facilitating numerous community meetings in three U.S. states about allocating scarce medical resources during a health emergency. These insights may be useful to public health officials and others currently grappling with preparations for and response to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

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Staying Connected During the Coronavirus Outbreak: Best Practices for Virtual Meetings

We share some of our best practices for virtual meetings to help you continue collaborative work during the novel coronavirus outbreak. We’re here to help.

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TrailGuard AI featured in ‘The Age of AI’

RESOLVE’s TrailGuard AI anti-poaching system was featured on “The Age of AI”, a new YouTube TV series hosted by Robert Downey Jr.

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Project Closure and Communities: Challenges, Impacts, Considerations

RESOLVE hosted the FPIC Solutions Dialogue, with a presentation from the University of Queensland, to explore the social elements of closing extractives projects and considerations for FPIC implementation.

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