Abby Dilley

Vice President of Programs, Senior Mediator

When people of good will and intent work together on solving challenging problems, amazing things happen. I want to be part of finding solutions that make a difference in the world, and this work provides an opportunity to do just that.

Abby Dilley, Vice President of Programs, Senior Mediator 


Abby Dilley is the Vice President of Programs and Senior Mediator at RESOLVE, where she directs the Health Solutions and the Food and Agriculture programs and engages in organizational governance, strategic planning, and oversight with RESOLVE's President and other senior leadership. She has more than twenty-two years of experience in facilitation and mediation of scientifically complex and highly controversial public policy issues in the areas of natural resources, environment, agriculture, biotechnology, and human health. 

Her work focuses on making agricultural production more sustainable, safe, and accessible, as well as improving the health outcomes for all people by transforming the governmental health system to address social determinants of health more effectively. Through her work, Abby promotes collaborative problem solving and respectful dialogue and engagement.

She has successfully mediated policy disputes resulting in the development of legislation on pesticides and implementation of regulations concerning food labeling, accelerated approval of therapeutics for HIV/AIDS, prescription medicine labeling and information, and protection of plant germ plasm. 

Key Accomplishments

Directed a collaborative dialogue project resulting in the establishment of the Forum for Collaborative HIV Research, a public-private partnership that catalyzes cutting-edge research to improve health outcomes.

Directed the Collaborative Food Safety Forum, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The Pew Charitable Trusts, bringing together diverse stakeholders to share perspectives, problem solve, and generate solutions to help support successful implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Directed a project that produced Toward Sustainability: The Roles and Limitations of Certification. This consensus report describes what is known and what is most important to learn about the performance and potential of voluntary standards and certification.

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