Beth Weaver

Senior Mediator

Each day is another opportunity to make progress on some of the most challenging social and environmental issues of our time.

Beth Weaver, Senior Mediator


Beth Weaver is a Senior Mediator for RESOLVE based in Chicago, Illinois. She convenes and facilitates interest-based and consensus-building dialogues to help communities and policy makers work together to address complex public health, environmental, and social issues at the local and national level. Her work primarily focuses on issues relating to strengthening public health infrastructure, enhancing emergency preparedness efforts, and balancing environmental protections with the social, cultural, and economic interests of communities.

Before joining RESOLVE, Beth worked as a fundraising, marketing, and communications professional, focused mostly on campaigns promoting collaborative environmental protection. Now, at RESOLVE, she seeks to help diverse groups work together to collaboratively address some of the most pressing social and environmental issues of our time.

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  • Facilitation and Mediation
  • Process Design
  • Public Health
  • Community Engagement in Health Preparedness
  • Communications and Outreach


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