Carly Vynne

Director of Biodiversity and Climate, Biologist

I appreciate that we are encouraged to bring to the table (or into the field) uncommon partners, novel approaches, and an open mindset

Carly Vynne, Director of Biodiversity and Climate


Carly Vynne is the Director of RESOLVE’s Biodiversity and Climate Program, which designs and catalyzes innovative solutions to conserve nature. In her role, Carly provides science support for global biodiversity research and conservation projects, oversees the Quick Response Fund for Nature, and designs regional programs focused on thoughtful, community-led natural resource planning and protection. Carly’s principal motivation is to help ensure that natural places and wild species can thrive together with humanity now and into the future.

In previous positions, Carly led biodiversity planning efforts throughout Asia, Africa, and South America, and helped design and implement species-based conservation programs across the western US and Alaska. Her PhD research brought her to Brazil, where she studied maned wolves, giant anteaters, and jaguars of the Cerrado grasslands. Carly is a co-founder of TerrAdapt, a cloud-based mapping tool that helps decision makers understand the landscape-scale impacts of their local land-use decisions on regional species and ecosystems.


PhD in Biology

University of Washington


Bachelors of Arts in Environmental Policy

Middlebury College

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  • Large mammal ecology and conservation
  • Biodiversity mapping
  • Conservation planning
  • Corridors and connectivity
  • Restoration
  • Convening and participatory planning


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