Claudette Juska

Technical Director, PR3

Claudette is Co-founder and Technical Director of PR3, a project that is setting standards and aligning infrastructure for reusable packaging. PR3’s reuse model can eliminate up to 90% of plastic packaging production, as wells as emissions, pollution, and social injustice across packaging supply and disposal routes.

Before launching PR3, Claudette spent a decade in Greenpeace’s research division investigating exploitation in global supply chains. She deployed creative methods for collecting and analyzing data and pioneered new mapping and intelligence programs. Her research led to transformative design and policy solutions in the U.S., Latin America, Asia, and the high seas.

Among her proudest accomplishments, Claudette joined a team of engineers and activists that redesigned cooling appliances to eliminate climate-damaging refrigerants. The work sparked the introduction of HFCs into the Montreal Protocol, saving an anticipated 0.5oC of global warming.

As an engineer, Claudette has always been at the forefront of research and design for less harmful consumer goods, as well as collaboration with unusual allies. She coordinated a team at The Ecology Center that exposed the dangerous plastics and chemicals that make up “new car smell” and worked closely with the UAW to promote healthier and more fuel-efficient vehicles. While there, she was part of a network of groups that increased U.S. fuel economy standards by 40%.

Claudette served in the U.S. Peace Corps in rural Zambia where she supported community-led water and food security programs and brought HIV awareness to women and youth groups.

She holds degrees in Engineering and Environmental Policy from the University of Michigan and lives with her husband and two children near Washington, D.C.

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