Langston Alexander

Salmon Gold Fellow

It is inspiring to bring people together that rarely find themselves at the same table. Salmon Gold is based on the idea that people with diverse interests can come together to solve a problem.

Langston Alexander, Salmon Gold Fellow


Langston Alexander is a Salmon Gold Fellow with RESOLVE. He provides on-the-ground support for RESOLVE's Salmon Gold program in Alaska, which includes maintaining relationships with organizations and agencies, conducting research on stream restoration, and preparing for the coming mining season. His work focuses primarily on environmental policy as it pertains to compensatory mitigation and stream conservation.

Prior to joining RESOLVE, he served as an intern at The Wilderness Society in Washington, D.C., and the Kenai Watershed Forum in Alaska. Now, at RESOLVE, he works with federal and state agencies, miners and mining companies, local organizations, and companies who purchase gold for their products to help find sustainable, long-lasting solutions to the impact placer mining has on fish populations in Alaska. 

Bachelor of Science, Government and Politics 

University of Maryland, College Park

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