Mahlette Betre

Senior Program Manager

What inspires me most about my work is the opportunity to apply an integrated lens to development challenges and work across sectors.

Mahlette Betre, Senior Program Manager


Mahlette Betre is a Senior Program Manager in RESOLVE’s Washington, D.C., office, where she designs, organizes, and leads partnerships in RESOLVE’s Resource Diplomacy, Responsible Growth, and Ethical Resource programs. Mahlette works with leaders from civil society, companies, governments, and communities to develop solutions to complex social and environmental challenges with an emphasis on natural resources and responsible sourcing.

Prior to joining RESOLVE, Mahlette was the Director for Responsible Mining and Energy at Conservation International. There, she led strategic partnerships with major corporations, providing advice on a range of environmental and social best practices, from biodiversity conservation to human rights due diligence. Now, at RESOLVE, Mahlette contributes to improved relationships between businesses and other stakeholders, whereby development can lead to positive outcomes for nature and people.

  • Natural Resources
  • Biodiversity
  • Public Health
  • Program Management
  • Fundraising


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