Nathan Hahn

Lead Researcher, Biodiversity and Climate

Nathan Hahn is the Lead Researcher for the Biodiversity and Climate program. In his role, Nathan provides science expertise for projects ranging from global biodiversity research to field-based conservation projects. Nathan leads a project to design and test a suite of conservation technologies to guide efforts and monitor impacts of biodiversity conservation efforts from extractive industries. He also supports the Quick Response Fund for Nature, Global Safety Net, and human-wildlife coexistence projects aimed at coalition building and development of novel mitigation techniques in the US, Kenya, and Tanzania. Nathan aims to apply the best available science and technology to develop practical tools to address the ongoing biodiversity crisis and ensure coexistence of people and wildlife.


Nathan's expertise is in spatial ecology and conservation technology, and he has led research in Kenya, Tanzania, India, and the US. Nathan obtained his PhD from Colorado State University, where he used long-term GPS movement data to study how the spatial and behavioral ecology of African elephants could be applied towards long-term solutions for human-wildlife conflict in the Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem. He is now working on translating these findings into tools for predicting conflict between humans and elephants using machine learning that can be expanded to other systems.

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