Sia Mary Musa

Project Assistant, DDI Sierra Leone

My work is inspired by my passion for human rights issues and the environment. We cannot protect the environment unless we collectively empower people to understand that natural resources are their own and must be protected.

Sia Mary Musa, Project Assistant


Sia Mary Musa is a DDI Sierra Leone Project Assistant.  She assists the Sierra Leone team in the design and implementation of baseline surveys, site mapping, work supervision. She also plays a key role in organizing women into Farmer Based Organizations.

Before joining DDI, Sia volunteered with the Promoting Environmental Justice and Human Rights project led by the Network Movement for Justice and Development. She assisted with community outreach and raised awareness on the dangers of land degradation caused by mining, erosion, and flooding.

Sia earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences from Njala University Sierra Leone. She has completed online trainings with certificates in Research Ethics Training Curriculum (RETC) from fhi360, Environmental Risk Assessment 1 and 2, Disaster Behavioral Health and Environmental Health Assessment from North Carolina Center for Public Health Preparedness.

She is currently expanding her knowledge through an Alison course titled, “Environmental Quality, Monitoring and Analysis.” 

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  • Community outreach and sensitization
  • Research
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Cooperative Formation
  • Stakeholders engagement
  • Environmental laws and Policies 


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