Ian Rowe

Strategic Partner
Ian Rowe is the Program Director of the Diamond Development Initiative (DDI) at RESOLVE, where he holds responsibility for development and implementation of strategies promoting DDI’s vision, mandate and “voice” as it seeks redress of social, economic, human rights and policy challenges facing emerging economies in Africa and South America. Ian brings with him 20 years of experience specific to development; crisis recovery and stabilization milieus, and rule of law and peace & security expertise inclusive of inter alia: Good Governance; Disarmament Demobilization and Reintegration; Security Sector Reform; and Conflict Management & Prevention. 

Prior to DDI, Ian worked with broad range of United Nations (UN) agencies, programs and organs inclusive of UNESCO, UNDP, UNICEF, UNDPKO and the UN Secretariat, on assignments throughout conflict torn areas of Southern, Central, East and the Great Lakes Region of Africa. Ian also served as an expert panel member on the United Nations Panel of Experts on the Sudan and with several UN peacekeeping missions inclusive of Burundi, the Sudan, Haiti and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

Master of Arts, International Conflict Analysis

University of Kent 

Bachelor of Arts, French and Spanish

Carleton University

Key Accomplishments

Tracked and demobilized Africa’s most vicious rebel groups, among them the Lord’s Resistance Army (notorious for a 30 year reign of terror, abduction, destruction and murder).  

Served as a panel expert investigating violations of arms embargo, human rights and international humanitarian law in Darfur.

Reintegrated abductees escaping the myriad armed groups in the Congo. 

Negotiated disarmament with warlords in Somalia. 

Led the reduction of gang-led community violence in post-earthquake Haiti. 

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