Sophia Wilson

Program Associate

I believe that most people, if not everybody, can relate to the desire to protect and care for the places they call home. Working to foster that feeling and use it to usher in progress is my goal.

Sophia Wilson, Program Associate


Sophia Wilson is a Program Associate at RESOLVE, where she supports teams focused on consensus and progress in areas related to conversation, land management, and sustainable resource extraction. As a member of the Collaborative Ecosystem and Stewardship team, she is driven by an innate desire to bring diverse stakeholders together towards solutions that are mutually beneficial to communities and the environment in the long-term. 


Before joining RESOLVE, Sophia worked as a Senior Research Assistant at the University of British Columbia, working on a team that focused on innovative conservation policies and technological applications for land and water conservation. Prior to that, she spent time in the United States Senate, working under the Environmental Legislative Aid for Senator Tester from her home state of Montana. Now at RESOLVE, she is supporting multiple teams in creating a collaborative, respectful environment for innovative solutions to be shared and implemented. 


Bachelor of Arts, Environment and Sustainability 


University of British Columbia, Vancouver 

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