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We are a team of collaborative leaders, mediators, policy experts, strategists, scientists, and facilitators. We envision a less polarized world with a shared commitment to transforming ambitious ideas into real benefits for people, communities, and ecosystems.

Britt Banks

Senior Fellow, Getches-Wilkinson Center, University of Colorado Law School | Board of Advisors, RESOLVE

Britt Banks is a Senior Fellow at the Getches-Wilkinson Center on Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment, University of Colorado Law School. He is a former Executive Vice President for Legal and External Affairs at Newmont Mining Corporation. He is also Chair of the Independent Expert Review Panel at the International Council on Mining and Metals. In addition to serving as a member of RESOLVE’s Board of Advisors, he co-chairs RESOLVE’s Natural Resources and Energy Leadership Council.

Gillian Davidson

Non-Executive Director, Lydian International

Gillian Davidson was the Head of Mining and Metals for the World Economic Forum through 2016, where she led global and regional engagement and multi-stakeholder initiatives to advance responsible and sustainable mining. Prior to joining the Forum, she was Director of Social Responsibility at Teck Resources. She co-chairs RESOLVE’s Natural Resources and Energy Leadership Council.

Stephen D'Esposito

President, CEO, and Board of Directors

Stephen D’Esposito is the President and CEO of RESOLVE and a Solutions Strategist. Trained as a policy advocate, he helps partners envision, design, and implement innovative solutions to sustainability challenges. Stephen’s work covers all of RESOLVE’s issue areas, with a focus on natural resources, energy, and sustainable development.

Huguette Labelle

Board of Advisors, RESOLVE

Huguette Labelle recently retired as Board Chair of Transparency International and previously served as Chancellor of the University of Ottawa. Over the years, she has been an international leader in government, academia, multilateral institutions, and civil society. She is a Companion of the Order of Canada and a recipient of the Order of Ontario, in addition to several other honors.

Tim Martin

Resource Diplomat, Senior Advisor, Director of Resource Diplomacy Program, Board of Advisors, RESOLVE

Tim Martin heads RESOLVE's Resource Diplomacy program to improve human rights conditions related to the extractive sector. He has been at the forefront in Canadian diplomacy and peace and security work in Latin America, Afghanistan, the Middle East, and Africa. He has served as Canada's Ambassador to Colombia, Argentina, and Paraguay.

Dave Baker

Natural Resources and Energy Expert | Board of Directors, RESOLVE

Dave Baker's career has spanned thirty-eight years in the mining industry. He recently retired as Senior Vice President for Sustainability after thirty-two years with Newmont Mining Corporation. He joined Newmont in 1980 as a geologist; in 1985, he moved to Newmont’s fledgling Environmental Department and became Vice President of Environmental Affairs in 1991. Today, Dave consults for companies in the natural resources and energy sectors on sustainability issues and serves on RESOLVE’s Board of Directors.

Ramanie Kunanayagam

World Bank Inspection Panel | Board of Directors, RESOLVE

Ramanie Kunanayagam has twenty-five years of experience as a social anthropologist, working on social performance, human rights, and sustainable development issues in over thirty developing and developed countries in the extractive sector. Ramanie was formerly Group Head of Social Performance and Human Rights for BG Group, a position she held for close to ten years with group-wide responsibility for social performance, human rights, and transparency as well as the socioeconomic aspects of sustainable development. She was recently appointed to the World Bank Inspection Panel, an independent complaints mechanism for people and communities who believe that they have been, or are likely to be, adversely affected by a World Bank-funded project.

Jennifer Peyser

Senior Mediator, Director of Ethical Resource Program

Jen Peyser is a Senior Mediator and Director of RESOLVE’s Ethical Resource program, where she designs and leads proactive, global, and multi-stakeholder partnerships. She also advises companies, agencies, and other leaders in stakeholder engagement and risk assessment on sustainability challenges, with an emphasis on responsible sourcing, supply chains, and natural resources.

Tom Butler

Chief Executive Officer, International Council on Mining and Minerals

Tom Butler became CEO of the International Council on Mining and Minerals (ICMM) in July 2015. Before that, he spent eighteen years with the International Finance Corporation (part of the World Bank Group) in the infrastructure and natural resource teams, with much of that time focused on mining and power projects in Africa.

Jeff Carbeck

Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors, 10EQS

Jeff Carbeck is a chemical engineer, materials scientist, and entrepreneur. Prior to his career as an entrepreneur, he was a faculty member in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Princeton. In 2006, he joined Nano-Terra as its Chief Scientist; he also co-founded Arsenal Medical and served as its Chief Technology Officer. He was previously a Subject Matter Advisor for Deloitte Consulting, where he had multiple client engagements and coauthored studies on advanced materials.

Anisa Costa

Chairman and President of The Tiffany & Co. Foundation, Chief Sustainability Officer, Tiffany & Co.

Anisa Costa is Chairman and President of The Tiffany & Co. Foundation and Chief Sustainability Officer at Tiffany & Co. In this dual role, reporting directly to the CEO of Tiffany & Co., she oversees the company’s global sustainability agenda and directs the strategic grantmaking portfolio on behalf of the Foundation.

Erin Dovichin

Executive Director, Alaska Venture Fund

Erin Dovichin is Executive Director of the Alaska Venture Fund, where she is spearheading a new effort to strengthen conservation and sustainability efforts in Alaska. She was formerly a Program Officer with the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, where she was responsible for the foundation’s investments in wild salmon ecosystem conservation in Alaska.

Tony Hodge

President (Retired), International Council on Mining and Minerals

Tony Hodge served as President and CEO of the ICMM from October 2008 until his retirement in 2015. For some thirty years prior to ICMM, he was in private practice as a consulting engineer. In 2006 he became Kinross Professor of Mining and Sustainability at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. In 2001 and 2002, Tony led the North American component of the Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development initiative. He is former Chair of Friends of the Earth, Canada. He is currently Visiting Professorial Fellow at the Sustainable Minerals Institute, University of Queensland and Senior Scholar in Residence at the Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining Engineering, Queen’s University.

Deanna Kemp

Director of the People Centres, Sustainable Minerals Institute, The University of Queensland

Deanna Kemp is an international researcher focused on the social dimensions of mining. She is Director of the People Centres – the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining and the Minerals Industry Safety and Health Centre – at the Sustainable Minerals Institute at The University of Queensland, Australia.

Neil Kornze

Founder, Basin and Range Strategies

Neil Kornze was the Director of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) from 2013 to January 2017 under President Barack Obama. He had previously been the BLM’s Principal Deputy Director and had served as a Senior Policy Advisor to U.S. Senator Harry Reid.

Bruce McKenney

Director of Development by Design, The Nature Conservancy

Bruce McKenney is Director of The Nature Conservancy’s Development by Design program, balancing development and conservation goals to achieve sustainable outcomes. He has more than twenty years of experience applying policy and economic analysis to advance environmental goals and human wellbeing.

Herbert M'cleod

Country Director, IGC Sierra Leone and IGC Liberia, International Growth Centre

Herbert M'cleod has been an advisor to the government of Sierra Leone in its transition from post-conflict to normal development and at the forefront of efforts to ensure the application of human rights in the operations of the extractive industry. His prior career spans thirty-five years of development work in fragile countries for the United Nations Development Program.

Laurel Sabur

Managing Director, Reach Impact

Laurel Sabur has over ten years experience in the finance industry and six years in community development. Laurel has supported or led projects involving strategic planning, program evaluations, and investment management strategies.

Lisa Sachs

Director, Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment

Lisa Sachs is the Director of the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (CCSI). Since joining CCSI, she established and now oversees the organization's three areas of focus: investments in extractive industries, investments in land and agriculture, and investment law and policy. She is a member of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network’s thematic group on the Good Governance of Extractive and Land Resources.

John Thompson

Wold Family Professor in Environmental Balance for Human Sustainability, Cornell University

John Thompson is the Wold Family Professor in Environmental Balance for Human Sustainability at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. He also consults for a variety of clients in the mining sector and formerly served as both Chief Geoscientist and Vice President of Technology and Development for Teck Resources in Vancouver.

Alan Young

Director, Materials Efficiency Research Group

Alan Young applies his diverse skills as a facilitator, mediator, strategist, and activist to advance sustainable development concepts and initiatives and has developed a strong network of conservation groups, Aboriginal organizations, companies, and governments in North America, Latin America, and Europe. He is currently Chair of the International Institute for Sustainable Development and a member of the Steering Committee of the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance.

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