Meet Our Team

We are a team of collaborative leaders, mediators, policy experts, strategists, scientists, and facilitators. We envision a less polarized world with a shared commitment to transforming ambitious ideas into real benefits for people, communities, and ecosystems.

Todd Bryan

Strategic Partner

Todd Bryan is a Strategic Partner at RESOLVE. As a mediator and facilitator, he helps agencies, organizations, and communities work across ideological and cultural boundaries to make better informed decisions and find enduring solutions to challenges facing people and the environment.

Miguel Cervantes Rodriguez

Managing Partner and Founder of CCPM Grupo Consultor | Strategic Partner, RESOLVE

Miguel Cervantes Rodriguez is Managing Partner and founder of CCPM Grupo Consultor. Miguel is based in Peru and has advised multinational mining and energy companies in Latin America to help them prevent and address social risks and conflicts. He has in-depth experience and expertise on relations with indigenous communities.

Sheka Forna

Founder, Splash Mobile Money | Strategic Partner, RESOLVE

Sheka Forna is a respected and innovative business leader in Sierra Leone. He is the founder of Splash Mobile Money, Sierra Leone’s first and leading mobile payment provider. Sheka is also a media and communications consultant and has worked with many of the largest companies operating in Sierra Leone.

Hrach Gregorian

President, Institute of World Affairs | Strategic Partner, RESOLVE

Hrach Gregorian is President of the Washington, D.C.-based Institute of World Affairs. He is also the cofounder of the consulting firm De Novo Group, with offices in Washington, D.C., and Calgary, Canada.

Joseph Kirschke

Strategic Partner

Joseph Kirschke is a consultant for RESOLVE’s Energy Shift initiative. As a former editor at Mining Media International, the industry’s largest U.S.-based trade publishing house, he established niche coverage of sustainability issues impacting mining projects around the world. Joseph has written extensively about renewable energy use at mining operations globally.

Amy Larkin

Entrepreneur | Strategic Partner, RESOLVE

Amy Larkin, an award-winning entrepreneur, activist and producer, has been at the forefront of the environmental movement for decades. Her 2013 book Environmental Debt: The Hidden Costs of A Changing Global Economy revealed the links between our environmental and financial crises – both causes and solutions – and predicted the astronomical costs of climate chaos. From 2014-2016, she served as Vice Chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Climate Change.

Mike Loch

Strategic Partner

Mike Loch has over twenty-five years of industry experience in the field of corporate responsibility, with significant roles in conflict minerals, operational environment, health and safety management, international standards (Mike is an ISO14000-certified lead auditor), green manufacturing, and product technology issues.

Kate Probst

Strategic Partner

Kate Probst is a Strategic Partner at RESOLVE. She has many years’ experience evaluating government programs and helping agencies identify ways to improve program implementation, policies, and metrics.

Kathryn Tomlinson

Strategic Partner

Dr. Kathryn Tomlinson is an anthropologist with over eleven years of international experience working on the sustainable and best practice approaches to dealing with social and human rights impacts and risks surrounding private sector projects. Her particular focus has been on the extractive industries, as well as the intersection between customary and indigenous land rights and private sector project development.

Carly Vynne Baker

Principal Consultant at Osprey Insights | Strategic Partner, RESOLVE

Carly Vynne Baker is the Principal Consultant at Osprey Insights and a Strategic Partner at RESOLVE. Her efforts have focused on working with nonprofits, tribes, corporations, private foundations, and agencies to conduct biodiversity assessments and to design, fund, and implement conservation programs.

Hussine Yilla

Strategic Partner

Hussine Yilla is based in Sierra Leone. She holds an MBA in international business and has academic qualifications in Law. Hussine dedicated the earlier part of her career supporting UK oil and gas companies venturing and operating in hydro-carbon-enriched sub-Saharan African markets.

Larry Elworth

Principle of CAP, LLC

Larry Elworth, is the principal of CAP, LLC focused on supporting sustainability efforts in the agricultural supply chain and increasing the effectiveness of watershed scale projects to improve water quality in the Delaware River Basin, Chesapeake, Bay, and Iowa.

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