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We are a team of collaborative leaders, mediators, policy experts, strategists, scientists, and facilitators. We envision a less polarized world with a shared commitment to transforming ambitious ideas into real benefits for people, communities, and ecosystems.

Mahlette Betre

Board Member, impact@RESOLVE

Mahlette Betre is a conservation and development professional based in Washington, DC. She currently leads environmental and social performance for a start-up enterprise, the Intrinsic Value Exchange, an online stock exchange designed to value, price, and monetize natural assets. Mahlette has held positions with RESOLVE, the World Bank, and Conservation International, working in the areas of biodiversity protection, climate change mitigation & adaptation, and conflict resolution. She has led strategic partnerships with major corporations on a range of sustainability initiatives, with specialized knowledge of the extractive industries.

Gail Bingham

RESOLVE President Emeritus

Gail Bingham is President Emeritus of RESOLVE. She has mediated environmental, natural resources, community planning and public health issues on a full time basis since the late 1970s. She is a nationally recognized pioneer in promoting consensus-building tools in public decision making and is the 2006 winner of the Mary Parker Follett Award of the Association for Conflict Resolution.

Alex Chang’a

Field Programs Coordinator, Tanzania

Alex Chang’a is the Field Programs Coordinator for RESOLVE’s Biodiversity and Wildlife Solutions Program. Based in Tanzania, he oversees the Tembo-Pilipili project, conducting training workshops on using chili-based methods (including fences, briquettes, and planting chili) for protection against crop-raiding elephants to communities surrounding Mikumi, Tarangire, Ruaha, and Serengeti National Parks. He also engages with government agencies and other stakeholders to propose and implement legislation that promotes sustainable, community-based solutions to human-wildlife conflict.

Steve Gulick

Consultant | Chief Technology Officer, WildTech

Steve is an electronic engineer and conservationist who initially began to use his engineering skills in studies of interesting but technically challenging animal behaviors such as infrasonic communication in elephants. He has since been involved in implementing anti-poaching measures in such diverse locations as Kenya, Democratic Rep. of Congo, Rep. of Congo, Central African Republic, Gabon, Russia’s Altai Republic, Guatemala, and Nepal.

Nathan Hahn

Field Technology Consultant

Nathan Hahn is a Field Technology Consultant for RESOLVE, where he assists in research and development of wildlife protection and technology programs and provides project coordination and communications management support for the Biodiversity and Wildlife Solutions Program. Additionally, he contributes to data analysis, in-depth research, and the production of reports, proposals and news articles for His project issue areas include new and emerging technologies for wildlife conservation, stakeholder engagement, and human-wildlife conflict.

Claudette Juska

Engineer | Project Partner, RESOLVE

Claudette Juska is an engineer and researcher with 20 years experience in the environmental movement. She is an expert in supply chain research, having studied and intervened in the supply chains of the seafood, forest product, automobile, fossil fuel and plastics industries. She has deep knowledge of the complexities involved in sourcing, manufacturing and delivering consumer goods and works to create and promote solutions to environmental concerns along the supply route. For the past decade, she has been working globally in Greenpeace’s research division.

Sonny Lacey

Chief Operating Officer, impact@RESOLVE

Sonny Lacey has a background in startups and technology, and has worked with private and non-governmental organizations both in the U.S. and abroad. He has provided operational direction for emerging enterprises that have developed secure, mission-critical applications. Sonny has created national logistic plans for governments in Africa and Central America. He served with the United States Army and is a licensed flight instructor.

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