Amy Larkin, Founder and Director, is an award-winning entrepreneur, activist and author, and has been at the forefront of the environmental movement for decades. From 2014-2016, she served as Vice Chair of the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on Climate Change. While Greenpeace Solutions Director, Amy led a radical collaboration with the Consumer Goods Forum to remove HFCs from refrigeration systems. This spurred the inclusion of HFCs in the Montreal Protocol and received Harvard's Roy Award.

Claudette Juska, Co-Founder and Technical Director, is a trained engineer and researcher with 20 years' experience in the environmental movement. She is an expert in supply chain research, having studied and intervened in the supply chains of the seafood, forest product, automobile, fossil fuel, and plastics industries. She has deep knowledge of the complexities involved in sourcing, manufacturing and delivering consumer goods and works to create and promote solutions to environmental and social concerns along the supply route.

Ray Mendez is a brand-marketing strategist and PR3's Communications partner. He works to inspire and activate diverse stakeholders in the reuse ecosystem. Ray has led transformative campaigns for numerous multinational corporations, as well as The National Women's Law Center, Greenpeace, New York Cares, The Dutch Safety Council, The Rockefeller Foundation, and Amnesty International. Ray also led the Concept Farm, an award winning NYC agency for 12 years, and was awarded for creativity at Cannes with The Gold Lion.

Hide Harashima is a senior level technologist and entrepreneur and PR3's Communications partner. He has 25 years experience at startups and enterprise companies to build purposeful technology products that engage customers and revolutionize how they work. He was the head of technology for 11 years at Premier Research Group, a global professional services company providing clinical development services to the pharmaceutical industry, where he authored data standards and policies to the pharmaceutical industry, FDA, and NIH clients.

Anita Kedia Schwartz provides essential strategic support to PR3, offering her expertise in solid waste, recycling, reverse logistics, and bio-based materials. Outside of PR3, Anita is a Senior Project Director with the Sustainability, Energy, and Climate Change team at WSP USA and consults with various organizations on zero waste and circular economy implementation strategies.

Mason Hines, Project Manager, a Mediator at RESOLVE. He focuses primarily on health and social issues that affect it - including food, water safety, nutrient access, employment, housing, education, and more. His work often involves engaging expert stakeholders to build agreements and solutions that improve wellness, advance research, promote sound policies, and develop practical resources.

Tiza Mafira is a law and public policy expert specializing in environmental law, waste management, and climate change policy. She holds a Master of Laws from Harvard Law School and a Bachelor of Laws from Universitas Indonesia. She leads the Climate Policy Initiative Indonesia, a non-profit think tank and advisory organization focused on public policy related to land use and energy transitions. Since 2013, she is co-founder and Executive Director of the Indonesia Plastic Bag Diet Movement.

Zulfikar is an engineer with more than 10 years of experience in waste management, environmental awareness, and environmental engineering. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung. He co-founded Waste4Change as the first responsible waste management provider in Indonesia. In 2015, he joined Fichtner Consulting Engineers to work as a waste management specialist for the Emission Reduction in Cities (ERiC) project.

Stephen D'Esposito is the President and CEO of RESOLVE and a Solutions Strategist. Trained as a policy advocate, he helps partners envision, design, and implement innovative solutions to sustainability challenges, and Steve offers his strategic vision to PR3.