Demand for critical minerals could outstrip supply and strain ecosystems and communities. To close the divide, we need to restore land at the same rate as we mine. Regeneration extracts metals from mine waste to produce responsibly sourced minerals for sustainable brands and the green energy transition and to help fund habitat restoration. 

Created by RESOLVE, Regeneration is a social enterprise start-up that targets the growing inventory of legacy mine sites, both those in company portfolios and orphan sites where governments seek innovative approaches. We utilize new technologies and methods to safely remine and reprocess tailings, waste rock and water to extract minerals and metals. Earnings from the sale of these responsibly sourced materials are reinvested to help fund habitat restoration and transform former mine sites into ecological and community assets. Partners Apple and jeweler Mejuri have committed to sourcing Regeneration minerals to meet their sustainability goals and satisfy consumer demand for responsibly produced materials and products. Mining partners like Rio Tinto provide access to sites, expertise, and other support. 

Going beyond closure commitments and government mandates, we restore and renew forests, streams and wetlands. We document our restoration process, methods and impact, producing quantifiable biodiversity and carbon credits. 

Regeneration’s Remined Salmon Gold in Mejuri’s Limited Edition Jewelry Line

Regeneration expands their partnership with sustainable jewelry brand Mejuri.

Regeneration Welcomes a Founding Partner

Regeneration and Mejuri, a mission-driven fine jewelry company, have formed a strategic partnership to create responsibly sourced jewelry with minerals and metals recovered from mine waste. As a social enterprise, Regeneration targets mine waste as a new source of minerals for sustainable brands and the energy transition.


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