Mejuri Selected as Regeneration's First Jewelry Partner

Can jewelry help restore mine sites and benefit local communities? It can when it works with Regeneration.

Regeneration and Mejuri, a mission-driven fine jewelry company, have formed a strategic partnership to create responsibly sourced jewelry with minerals and metals recovered from mine waste.

As a social enterprise, Regeneration targets mine waste as a new source of minerals for sustainable brands and the energy transition. Regeneration was launched just over a year ago by RESOLVE with support from Rio Tinto.

Regeneration puts revenue back into communities, to fund closure and restore habitat.

Regeneration and Mejuri make good partners because we'll need new, innovative business models to address climate change and advance the energy transition.

"As a next generation brand that is deeply in tune with our community's values, Mejuri takes our responsibility seriously to help push this industry forward where we can," says Holly McHugh, Mejuri's Vice President of Sustainability. "Mejuri is committed to remining with restoration, which is central to responsible sourcing and represents the future of our industry. We're excited to invite our community into this conversation now that we're ready to share our progress as we continue down this innovative and exciting path."

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"Regeneration thinks and works outside the box to address our biodiversity and climate challenges. Our success requires innovative, creative partners in communities and across the minerals-to-product supply chain, like Mejuri. As we build these partnerships, Mejuri is an obvious choice as our first jewelry partner," says Stephen D'Esposito, founder and CEO of Regeneration. "With Regeneration, Mejuri brings something back - remining creates beautiful, compelling jewelry that supports rebuilding habitat and restoring biodiversity and tells the story of regeneration."

Mejuri will provide $1.5 million (US) to support Regeneration's seed round of fundraising and help tell the story through its jewelry and community. Mejuri also supports Salmon Gold, a Regeneration initiative that remines historic placer tailings and restores stream habitats for salmon, grayling, and other species.

Mejuri features Regeneration in its first Sustainability Report, released today.

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RESOLVE's program innovation and partnerships continue to show that we can make progress for communities, conservation, and climate. We need more minerals for the energy transition, and it makes sense to get as much as we can from mine waste.

Carolyn BurnsProgram Director, Sustainable Resources

(Photo Credit: Regeneration)