Ecoregions of the World

Ecoregions of the World offers a depiction of the 846 ecoregions that represent our living planet. Ecoregions are ecosystems of regional extent, defined based on the distribution of plants and animals. Since we created this map in 2017, it has been widely used to chart progress towards achieving protection of a Global Safety Net, COP15 30x30 targets, and other global conservation efforts.

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New RESOLVE-led Study Reveals Opportunities to Restore Large Mammal Assemblages Worldwide

A new RESOLVE-led study reveals major opportunities to restore ecosystem integrity across vast areas of the globe by reintroducing historically present large mammals.

Announcing the Release of Ecoregion Snapshots

RESOLVE and One Earth are pleased to announce the release of Ecoregion Snapshots: natural history travel brochures to the terrestrial ecoregions of the world.

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