The Resource Exchange

The food, fuel, and materials that sustain our way of life come from local communities. Too often, they are not included in development decisions such as whether and how resources are developed. 

Community-led or sanctioned decisions and management will result in better conservation and restoration management, cultural and traditional land use, and natural resource development such as mining, forestry, renewables, and agriculture.

To achieve this, the Resource Exchange connects people to the tools, information, funding, expertise and networks they need to drive community-led natural resource decisions and management.

The Resource Exchange is composed of global and local partnerships, serving a large but niche user group including community leaders, grass roots organizations, land use planners and other government officials, and members from the private sector. These stakeholders may have differing objectives, approaches and experiences but all want to see more inclusive, local natural resource management. 

Our first target for the Resource Exchange is to connect 100 leaders from Tanzania, Sierra Leone, British Columbia, South Africa, Nicaragua and Guyana by early 2024 and 1000 by December 2026. Then we will scale globally, creating a global website hub and facilitating regular in-person dialogue, engagement and training.  

The Resource Exchange has anchor funding from BHP Foundation and includes four implementing partners: RESOLVE, Landesa, Conservation International and the University of Queensland’s Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining.

New “Community-Smart” Consultation and Consent Processes in Natural Resource Governance

The CSCC project will strengthen inclusive natural resource governance by working directly with local communities and government; harnessing market and community demand for “community-smart” agreements and commodities; and developing, testing, and amplifying and scaling tools for global use.

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