RESOLVE, Landesa, CI, and CSRM Launch Global Project to Bolster "Community-Smart" Consultation and Consent Processes in Natural Resource Governance

RESOLVE is pleased to announce the launch of the Community-Smart Consultation and Consent (CSCC) Project, implemented in partnership with Landesa, Conservation International, and the University of Queensland's Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining. This five-year initiative is funded by the BHP Foundation. CSCC will strengthen inclusive natural resource governance by working directly with local communities and government; harnessing market and community demand for "community-smart" agreements and commodities; and developing, testing, and amplifying and scaling tools for global use.

This initiative responds to urgent pressures on communities linked to increasing demand for natural resources due to population growth, increasing standards of living, and calls for renewable technologies and nature-based solutions to mitigate climate change. The project targets a global design and implementation gap in consultation and consent processes and agreements with Indigenous and other local peoples. We will build from current "community-smart" standards, policies, and tools, such as those identified through the FPIC Solutions Dialogue.

The project will be informed and driven by Indigenous Peoples' and local communities' rights, knowledge, experiences, and expectations, through meaningful participation in assessment, design, and decision-making about their land and resources. We will also engage industry, government, investors, and other experts and stakeholders.

The CSCC Project will seek to improve capacities, resources, and outcomes in communities and at a system level by:

  • Increasing alignment of existing and new standards, policies, and tools that support the realization of good practices.
  • Driving demand for, understanding, and implementation of consent-based practices among investors, companies in natural resource supply chains, and governments.
  • Demonstrating feasibility and positive outcomes by field testing and refining approaches, policies, and tools through a series of pilots across key geographies and sectors.
  • Creating tools, connections to resources, and guidance to support rights-holders and stakeholders in conducting, monitoring, participating in, and enforcing CSCC processes and agreements.
  • Creating an online knowledge platform rooted in applied research to help broaden and sustain access to tools, resources, and expertise.

We recognize the potential of this project to have profound and positive impact on a number of RESOLVE's impact priorities including in the areas of: responsible sourcing, development of sustainable resources, biodiversity, climate and the energy transition, and free, prior, and informed consent.

RESOLVE, Landesa, Conservation International, and the University of Queensland's Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining share a commitment to strengthening natural resource governance and ensuring that socioeconomic development is sustainable and inclusive of communities.

We welcome opportunities to collaborate and draw on your experiences, tools, and expertise. Please be in touch with any ideas, insights, or questions, or to get involved, by contacting Taylor Kennedy at

Taylor Kennedy


November 19, 2021

(Image credit: Tom Fisk)