RESOLVE and first investment partner Rio Tinto announce Regeneration: a startup to produce minerals that help power the clean energy transition and support sustainable brands.

About Regeneration

Regeneration responds to three challenges: 1) society needs minerals for the energy transition, green tech, and sustainable brands; 2) in some regions we face a growing inventory of end-of-life mines and orphan sites; and 3) communities want better closure outcomes.

Regeneration is a B-Corp that uses an innovative social enterprise structure allowing us to put revenue from re-mining into restoration. We use regenerative methods to remine historical sites while restoring forests, stream, and wetlands.

Regeneration is being established to help society and industry achieve goals set at COP 26.

At each location we support a community-supported vision for beyond compliance restoration linked to sustainably re-mined and branded minerals. We target the growing inventory of legacy mine sites, both those in company portfolios and orphan sites where governments seek innovative approaches.


  • Restores and renews biological and ecological systems such as forests, streams, and wetlands.
  • Supplies minerals necessary for the energy transition, green tech, and sustainable brands.
  • Enables biodiversity and carbon credits.

Regeneration seeks partnerships with Indigenous and other communities affected by legacy mine sites to create economic opportunities that build on traditional environmental and cultural knowledge. We also seek out leaders in mining, investment, innovation, and other areas.

Press Release

Regeneration is being launched RESOLVE and its first investment partner Rio Tinto. The release announcement is in alignment with the climate goals set at COP26, as a pragmatic solution to the need for energy transition minerals.

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Visit Regeneration at our newly launched website.

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