Salmon Gold is a catalyst for stream and habitat restoration. In Alaska, the Yukon Territory, and British Columbia, home to globally significant habitat for salmon and other fish species, debris from historically mined sites can disrupt habitat for salmon, grayling, and other fish, preventing migration and spawning. We believe that the best way to stimulate restoration is at the ground level, with our partners—miners, agencies, restoration experts, and others to produce gold that tells a positive story in the marketplace and demonstrates the value of restoration.

In 2018 and 2019, Salmon Gold demonstrated proof-of-concept, completing our first pilots and producing gold that is now in the products (jewelry, cell phones, and computers) of our downstream partners Tiffany & Co. and Apple. Salmon Gold was publicly announced in August 2019 by RESOLVE.

Apple released a story on Salmon Gold through their newsroom and Tiffany & Co. profiled the project on the responsible mining page of their website. Following the announcement Salmon Gold received significant coverage in the Alaska news market, trade press and business outlets, and environmental policy publications. Over 30 articles have been published about Salmon Gold, including in French, Spanish, German, and Chinese.

Stories in Sustainable Brands and Edie focused on sustainability. E&E News highlighted innovation and policy. The trade press, the Mining Journal, National Jeweler, North of 60 Mining News, and Apple Insider highlighted the unlikely partnerships. The Alaska Journal of Commerce, Alaska Business Magazine, and the Anchorage Daily News brought local flavor and put the story in the context of issues in the region.

For more information, contact: Stephen D'Esposito, CEO, Washington D.C.,, 202-965-6201