TerrAdapt, a cloud-based mapping tool, is helping wildlife managers monitor, predict, and plan a future for wolverine

In honor of World Wildlife Day, RESOLVE is pleased to share this article on TerrAdapt, a cloud-based mapping tool that is helping to revolutionize how landscapes can be managed for biodiversity protection, habitat restoration, and ecological resilience. Co-founded by a team of collaborators including RESOLVE's Dr. Carly Vynne and the University of Washington Climate Impacts Group, the TerrAdapt.org team combines expertise in conservation planning, climate science, community partnership, geospatial analysis, and machine learning technologies to help address the 'where' questions in large landscape conservation. This mapping tool is now available for the Cascadia region of British Columbia and Washington State at TerrAdapt.org.

TerrAdapt uses the powerful remote sensing capabilities of Google Earth Engine to dynamically monitor habitat and connectivity, project future conditions given future climate and land-use scenarios, and prioritize areas for conservation actions to increase resilience. TerrAdapt aims to help regional conservation partnerships achieve their goals of increasing ecological resilience for landscapes under threat from the impacts of climate change and our expanding human footprint.

TerrAdapt is currently available in the Cascadia region of North America, and may be customized for other regions of the world. Thanks for support from Google, new dashboard and reporting functions are under development that will allow users to generate customizable, on-the-fly analytics for their region of interest.

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TerrAdapt enables conservation planners and land managers to visualize future scenarios and plan management responses, ensuring that our region is as resilient as possible for wolverines and the other plants, animals, and human communities that depend on our natural landscapes.

Dr. Carly Vynne, Director, Biodiversity and Climate, RESOLVE; Co-founder, TerrAdapt.org

Andy Lee, Carly Vynne


March 3, 2022

(Image credit: TerrAdapt.org)