Solving problems for people and the planet requires working across the divide. RESOLVE was built for this purpose, using not only expertise but creativity, strategic insight, and collaboration.

We are mediators and facilitators, scientists and policy experts, strategists, and communicators. Our work can be highly visible, but much of the value we provide takes place behind the scenes, supporting negotiations, facilitating quiet meetings, providing strategic planning or advisory services, or scanning the horizon for what’s next.

Created in 1977, RESOLVE helped create the field of environmental conflict resolution. Our work on the U.S. National Wetlands Policy Forum resulted in consensus recommendations culminating in the “no net loss” wetlands policy.  

We expanded our conflict resolution work to include public health, supporting successful regulation of safe drinking water investments in the U.S. and reducing health risks.

We recognized that closing the divide requires resolving conflicts and designing and implementing solutions, so we committed ourselves to creating the world’s first conflict-free supply chains for minerals from Central Africa, the Global Safety Net to address the biodiversity crisis, and ReGrow West Africa to respond to Ebola.

We launched RESOLVE Enterprises, a platform to sustain our solutions and those of our partners. Through market and social enterprise strategies, we generate long-term value and revenue. This allows us to fund, sustain, and scale the things that matter most. Two of our Enterprise projects - Nightjar and Regeneration - are already demonstrating the value we can create.

We are headquartered in Washington, D.C., with program offices in Canada, Sierra Leone, DRC, and Switzerland, and an affiliate in Australia. Our presence is steadily growing, so that we can deliver solutions in most parts of the world.

RESOLVE is a non-governmental organization (NGO), non-partisan, and fiercely independent.