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Abby Dilley

Board of Trustees

Abby Dilley is a member of the Board of Trustees at RESOLVE, having served as Vice President of Programs and a Senior Mediator for the last twenty years. Through her work, spanning more than thirty-five years Abby promotes collaborative problem solving and respectful dialogue and engagement on issues in the areas of human health, agriculture, and natural resources. She has successfully mediated policy disputes resulting in the development of legislation on investment in public health infrastructure and implementation of regulations concerning food safety, accelerated approval of therapeutics for HIV/AIDS, prescription medicine labeling and information, and oversight of agricultural biotechnology and the impacts and limitations of voluntary standards and certification systems for natural resource-based commodities.


Bachelor of Science, Biology, Colorado College

Master of Science, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Michigan


Facilitation, Process Design, Public Health, Food and Agriculture, Strategic Planning

When people of good will and intent work together on solving challenging problems, amazing things happen. I want to be part of finding solutions that make a difference in the world, and this work provides an opportunity to do just that."